Top 4 facts about Auto industry that you should know
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Top 4 facts about Auto industry that you should know

Auto industry

Top 4 facts about Auto industry that you should know

Automobiless have been around since as right on time as 1769, when the principal steam motor controlled cars were delivered. In 1807, Francois Isaac de Rivaz composed the primary auto that was controlled by an inside burning motor running on fuel gas. The voyage of present day vehicles started in 1886 when German creator Karl Benz made a car that included wire wheels with a four-stroke motor fitted between the back wheels. Named as ‘Benz Patent Motorwagen’, it was the principal vehicle that produced its own particular power, which is the motivation behind why Karl Benz was given its patent and is known as the creator of present day cars.

India and its Maruti 800:

In 1971, the bureau of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi proposed the generation of a ‘People’s Car’ for India – the agreement of which was given to Sanjay Gandhi. Before reaching Suzuki, Sanjay Gandhi held converses with Volkswagen AG for a conceivable joint wander, including exchange of innovation and joint generation of the Indian rendition of the ‘General population’s auto’, that would likewise reflect Volkswagen’s worldwide accomplishment with the Beetle.

But, it was Suzuki that won the last contract since it was faster in giving a possible outline. The subsequent auto depended on Suzuki’s Model 796 and went ahead to rework car history in India as the Maruti 800.


The company was founded in June of 1903 by Henry Ford. As a young fellow, Henry Ford used to repair looks for his loved ones utilizing apparatuses he made himself. He utilized a bodice remain as tweezers and a documented shingle nail as a screwdriver.

The first on-road car utilized a lever rather than a directing wheel to control. It had an outline and working like that of a delight stick.


The logo of BMW:

Many individuals trust that the logo of BMW speaks to the propellers of a helicopter, since the organization used to fabricate propellers before they were banned from doing that by the Russian government. Indeed, this isn’t valid, and the genuine explanation for the blue and white shading blend on the logo is they were images for the free province of Bavaria, the piece of Germany that went under USSR post World War II.

Volkswagen and its league of brands:

It was originally founded a Nazi organization called German Labor front and was headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. The parent company The Volkswagen Group’s as of now fits 12 different brands under its umbrella. Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti and Skoda are among its most renowned ones. Insights uncover that each third auto sold in Germany, and each tenth auto sold far and wide is a Volkswagen car.

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